A Tale of Two Valleys

As a nature and hiking guide, I always place emphasis on enjoyment. It’s not just about the beauty of nature, but also about culinary highlights that make each tour an unforgettable experience. Being a cook and pastry chef, I find the connection between nature and culinary delights particularly important. Therefore, I was delighted to surprise the two Canadians, Andrew Findlay and Kari Medig, with a homespun traditional alpine snack during our snowshoehike. In the publication in SNOW Magazine, you can read more about the culinary journey through two valleys.

SNOW Magazine Winter 2023/2024
Published on Oct 3, 2023

A Tale of Two Valleys
From the avant-garde food scene in Lech to the homespun traditions of Montafon Valley, skiing in Austria delivers culinary contrasts that „schmeckt gut“.


left to right:
1. Sonnenbahn lift at Silvretta Montafon.
2. Picnic on a snowshoe hike in Kristberg, Montafon with Stefanie Peiker of Gemsli Guides.
3. Chef Jamie Unshelm of Rote Wand’s Culinary Lab plates a dish at the Friends & Fools Dinner, an interactive culinary experience where guests learn the intricacies of haute cuisine.
4. Ski school instructor Helmut „Heli“ Brunner at Gargellen, Montafon.

left page left to right:
1. Zayad Shah in his apres-ski bar Yurt Lech in central Lech, Austria.
2. Hubert Neher pours mountain gentian schnapps at the historic Kessl-Hütte, Gargellen ski area, Montafon.

right page clockwise:
1. The Zugerbergbahn over the village of Zug, Arlberg, Austria.
2. Enjoying traditional Austrian dessert „kaiserschmarrn“ prepared by Chef Martin Schneider from Panoramagasthof Kristberg, Montafon.
3. Lounge area of Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel in Zug, Lech, Austria.

clockwise left to right:
1. Mystical view over Lech Zürs am Arlberg.
2. Montafon snowshoe and hiking guide Stefanie Peiker of Gemsli Guides.
3. Keesknöpfli with Sura Kees being made by chef Martin Schneider from Panoramagasthof Kistberg.
4. Server at Schlegelkopf Restaurant Bar on the slopes in Lech am Arlberg.

left page counter-clockwise:
1. A model meat display at the Restaurant Wunderkammer at the Hotel Almhof Schneider, Lech.
2. Chef Martin Schneider from Panoramagasthof Kristberg, Montafon.
3. A display of local cheeses at chef Thomas Hilbrand’s „Muntafuner Keesknöpfli“ cooking course.

right page clockwise:
1. Chef Josef-Martin Walch, son of Natascha and Joschi of the Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel, and curator of the Friends & Fools dinner.
2. Montafoner Käsespätzle prepared by chef Martin Schneider from Panoramagasthof Kristberg.
3. Hut-keeper Hubert Neher cleans up at the historic Kessel-Hütte at Gargellen, Montafon.

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